Eleanor Lippman


It was unbelievably moving, made me realize as never before how much I've lost. Eleanor was such a special person for so many reasons: smart, big-hearted, talented, engaged. I'll cherish this film [video of the memorial service].   Dusty Sklar

What an incredible run, and doing all that good for a century plus. Blessings on her and you all. Feeling gratitude and awe at what a person can be and do. 

Your mother was an amazing human being, your father, too. I can see how lucky you were to have parents who were activists, but who were also, judging from what I have read on the site, not only highly intelligent but principled, courageous, equanimous, compassionate, intellectually and aesthetically curious, funny, and fun-loving. Did they have any flaws? You four boys were fortunate, and one can see the impact they and she as a woman raising boys and then men had on you. I love the three (three of the) wise lessons you learned from her, which function both literally and figuratively: stand up straight, speak grammatically, and treat women with love and respect. I see evidence of the last lesson in that charming picture of you four with spouses, and mom in the middle. And I was touched to see the way your dad is looking at her in some of the photos—he was crazy about her. That was a lucky thing for them and for you guys, too.

Wish I had known her. She was modest, too, you can hear it in her voice—funny how some very wise, deep people embody both simplicity and ordinariness and spectacular extraordinary energy. I realize I have always though it true of you, too, in what I know of you—your modesty and your active compassion and courage.   David Watson

Even at 101 death brings pain to those left behind. I never met your mother but feel that I saw her thirst for knowledge, artful soul, and belief in justice reflected in the lives of her sons every day.

She will be missed even by those of us who never met her.   David D. Williams